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Convey the cultural
nuance of each language.

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Online interpretation services (simultaneous/consecutive).

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Japanese Translation/Japanese Interpretation service provider
based in the Silicon Valley
and New York.

HC Language Solutions, a Japanese Translation company, is located in the US
as a subsidiary company of Japan’s first
traded translation company, Honyaku Center, Inc.


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Over the years, we have provided Japanese translations and Japanese interpretation services for numerous businesses and individuals. We intend to continue being the bridge between different cultures by supporting all your Japanese language needs.

As technology advances, the methods in which language is translated have changed.
The advancement in machine translation has reduced the need for translators.
However, we still believe that there is a need for translators to convey a smooth, accurate and relatable message to your audience. To be competitive in a globalizing economy, businesses must integrate themselves to the culture of their audience.

HCLS supports businesses and individuals by not only providing language services, but also by providing a follow up assessments to support your business in this globalizing economy.
Through HCLS we will be the solution to all your language needs.

Representative of HC Language Solutions, inc.
Shinichiro Ninomiya


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or request for a free quote.

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Tel : +1 650 - 312 - 1239